NEBO I ZEMLYA (Heaven And Earth)
Ethnic Festival

Location: Ecopolis Near Tyumen, Tyumen Region
Time Period: 8-12 June

One of the most spectacular and outstanding event of Siberian summer. It is much more than average music festival. It is a three day’s holiday of ethnic culture. This event is much-anticipated not only by tourists and world music lovers, but by world-famed performers.


MIR SIBIRI (World of Siberia)
International Festival Of Music And Crafts

Location: Shushenskoye village, Krasnoyarsk Region
Time Period: 7-9 July

Summer festival "Heaven and Earth" is a leisure and human unity in the atmosphere of holiday, creativity and development. The festival exists since 2007 and in that time has grown from a small event to the largest festival in the Urals. The number of festival guests exceeds 5,000 people.


International Music Festival

Location: Atsagat village, Buryatia
Time Period: 14-15 July

The International Music Festival "Voice of Nomads" takes place in Buryatia since 2009. The concept of the festival is in the idea of ethnofuturism, meaning the particular relevance to the ethnic diversity of culture, turned not to the past, but into the future. Ethnofuturism is a fusion of ethnic material with a modern worldview. National culture in terms of ethnofuturism is regarded as a dynamic and changing over time. In this context, "nomads" — a symbol of dynamics, movement and freedom.