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Cultural, business, social and scientific center of Khakassia.

Dmitry Medvedev
„Khakassia is the home of mysterious shamans, centuries-old burial mounds, and amazing stories. Abakan is a multireligious and multinational city. The city with its characteristic atmosphere of centuries-old Eastern mystery.“
„The Soviet period of Russian history left its mark on the appearance of the city, and made it look like other cities, but it did not completely erase its identity. It is this identity that is the main attraction of the city.“



Sights of Khakassia


Laura Stella

The city of Abakan is rightfully considered as a cultural and tourist center of Khakassia. Even at the entrance to the city, you can see its architectural wonders. Inside the ring road near the entrance to the city from the city on the highway "Yenisei" by the city of Chernogorsk is the visit card and one of its interesting sights of Abakan - Stele "Laura." The affable native woman with raised hands to the sky welcomes Abakan visitors. A woman in one hand holding a cup that symbolizes the true generous nature and the hospitality of the townspeople. Stella is the unofficial symbol of Khakassia and highly admired by locals. Stele "Laura" is one of the favorite places of the citizens, which is appointed by meetings. Just behind the "Laura" prospect of Peoples' Friendship begins, therefore stele can be seen from afar.

This sculptural composition is made by A. D. Davydov - a talented Krasnoyarsk sculptor. The stele has received its name in honour of a woman who took an active part in the creation of the sculpture. In 2015 a stele was restored and the space around it was improved.


Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral - a real gem of the city of Abakan. At the end of the XX century, the city administration allocated land for the construction of the cathedral. The project of the temple, which was made by the architect A. V. Krylov, was designed and construction was started. Soon, however, the construction of the cathedral was suspended due to shortage of financing. For a long time, believers have gathered the necessary amount for the completion of the Cathedral. Construction work was restarted only in 1999, the same year Bishop Vincent led the consecration ceremony. In August 2001, in the cathedral was held consecration of the lower temple in honor of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. In December of the same year the upper temple was consecrated in the name of the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As the iconostasis was not over, a full consecration of the cathedral was impossible. In 2006, the main iconostasis was consecrated, which by this time was decorated with amazing carvings. In the same year in the upper temple was attached two side-chapels: the right side-chapel of the Icon of Mother of God "Burning Bush" and the left side-chapel of St. Innocent.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral - seven-domed bleached out temple. The lower temple is used as a baptismal. The total area of the cathedral is around 1637 square meters and at the same time it can accommodate up to 1000 people. The height of the cathedral from the ground to the cupola of the bell tower is 49.2 m. The upper temple has a classical five-tiered iconostasis and two side chapels. The cathedral has 12 bells. The weight of the big bell is 5670 kg. There is an ark with many shrines in the cathedral: the part of the Holy Cross, the part of the Oak of Mamre, relics of St. Herman of Alaska, St. Mark the Apostle and Evangelist, St. Filaret, St. Luke.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral had a great and very difficult way of formation and became the main architectural and religious landmark of Abakan.

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2 Cathedral Square street, Abakan


Constantine and Helena Church

Constantine and Helena Church is one of the most beautiful religious monuments on the territory of Abakan. The temple was founded in 1988 and its construction has lasted for nine years. The church was constructed on money donated by ordinary citizens, businessmen, representatives of various companies and organizations. For visitors the church in the name of Saints Constantine and Helena was opened in 2007. In August 2006, in the court of the temple nine bells made at the foundry in Voronezh were consecrated. The largest bell weighs 1,200 kg, and the smallest - 7 kg. Under the foundation of the altar of the church laid relics of the holy martyrs Andronicus, Prov and Tarah.

Constantine and Helena Church is unique. Because of its architectural features many works were made manually. This brick church with the decor, eclectic combining elements of the pre-Petrine epoch architecture. Over the western frame ledge and side porches you can see the great three-apsidal single-domed quadrangular with a tent-roofed bell tower.

The whole five-tiered iconostasis of the church is decorated with a frame of leaf gold, which was made in April 2010 at the Volgodonsk factory. Decorating the mosaic floor, the masters used the image of Byzantine two-headed eagle. The elegant three-tier and five-tier church chandeliers Illuminate the temple. Mosaic Icons of The Church of Constantine and Helena are the first and the unique mosaic icons in Khakassia so far. Eight icons, whose height is about 4 meters, are located under the dome of the church. These are faces of Saints Constantine and Helena and other saints. Mosaic icons made by the Krasnoyarsk specialists are over each entrance to the church.

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61 Pushkin street, Abakan


National drama theatre

All judges of the dramatic art should definitely visit National Drama Theatre in Abakan. National Theatre of Khakassia has existed in the world culture since November 6, 1931 when it was founded on the basis of pre-existing amateur theater clubs. The name of the theater associated with the name of its founder, the first artistic director, a wonderful poet, writer and remarkable playwright – Topanov A.M. Over the decades of its fruitful work, the theater has got up a lot of plays by known national playwrights, as well as exceptional works of not only native Russian, but also foreign classics. The theater participated in international festivals in Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Bashkortostan, Turkey.

The pride of the theater - a favorite musical and cognitive performance "Music yurt." This project is made with children, pupils and students in mind.

The peculiarity of the theater is the ability to voice performances on Russian and Khakas languages. The theater troupe - is mainly Leningrad Theatre Academy of Music and Cinematography graduates, as well as Krasnoyarsk Theatre Academy graduates.

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12 Schetinkin street, Abakan


The Topiary art Park

The Park of topiary art "Gardens of dreams" in Abakan is one of the main attractions of Khakassia. Its total area is 14 hectares. Here you can see a lot of bizarre trees and shrubs, which acquired fantastic shapes by using topiary. One of the most remarkable figures in the park is the Eiffel tower, its height is 14 meters, is very similar to the original. The real work of art is the figure of the steppe eagle with a wingspan about 10 meters, collected from kohii stems. A fluffy kitten tall as a man is notable, made of the usual wild barley. Special attention of the visitors of the park attract rare trees, plants and exotic flowers.

The Park of topiary art "Gardens of dreams" is part of the Preobrazhensky park complex and is the only in Russia. It was created by landscape designer Antropov V. A.. A famous master patented a unique theory about the production of floral sculptures using the undemanding local plants.

Preobrazhensky Park in Abakan - is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Green spaces, beautiful fountains, clear ponds, cozy benches and winding paths make the park attractive not only for locals but also for visitors to the city. The park is located just outside the Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral. Almost every guest of Abakan has a photo taken against the background of a park fountain through which one can see the golden dome of the majestic cathedral. In 2006, there was an openings ceremony of the architectural and park complex with a statue of "Kind Angel of Peace". The height of the statue is 2.5 m. At the bottom of the architectural composition is a kind of chronicle of patronage. On the commemorative plates you can see carved names of 60 of the great philanthropists of the past: Count Sheremetev, merchant Tretyakov, representatives of dynasties Morozov and Mamontov.


Khakass national Museum

Khakass National Museum of Kyzlasov L. R. - is not only one of the main attractions of the city of Abakan, but also a visiting card of the Republic of Khakassia. In December 1928, it was created Khakassia Society of Local History. At the beginning of 1929 in the village of Ust-Abakan a para museum was opened. In 1931, local authorities decided to organize a regional museum in Abakan, in the same year the museum was given the status of state. The first museum exhibits had three sections: the history of socialist construction and the nature of the region. Then the establishment was located in the House of Culture, in 1973, the museum moved to a five-storey residential building with an attached two-story exhibition hall. In 2006, the Museum was awarded the "national" status.

Today there are about 120 thousand units in the museum. These are archaeological and ethnographic objects, different documents, works of art, rare books, numismatics, natural science collections and others. Visitors have the opportunity to see an amplitudinous exposition of the main natural systems, the variety of flora and fauna of Khakassia. Historical and archaeological museum collections - rich collection of objects of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. The real pride of the museum are amazing collections of stone statues (sculptures), steles and petroglyphs. Interesting figures for its mysterious images - a unique art of antiquity, created in the Bronze Age by Okunevsky culture beams who inhabited the Khakass-Minusinsk basin about 5 thousand years ago.

In Khakass national Museum there are also the collections which reflect the richness of Khakass culture, such as the interior of the home, the national dress, different decorations, Khakass embroidery, musical instruments, shaman attributes, hunting tools, household items and so on. Currently Khakass National Museum is not only a repository of unique collections, but is one of the main centers of methodological development and promotion of museums in the Republic of Khakassia.

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96 Pushkin street, Abakan



Khakass Republic Philharmonic was found on 1 January 1989 on the basis of Abakan concert variety bureau of Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic. The opening of the Philharmonic took place on 9 February , 1989. Branchukova Lyudmila (first director) and Herman Sarazhakov (artistic director) were the organisators. This event marked a new stage in the development of musical life in the Republic of Khakassia. The Philharmonic held more than a dozen different music festivals, including folk, jazz and others.

Over the years the Philharmonic combined several groups of different genres: national ensemble "Ulger", a symphony orchestra and soloists-vocalists of folk, classical and pop genres. Folklore Ensemble "Ulger" was created in 1989, from the early days of foundation of the Philharmonic. The unique ensemble began to promote traditional culture, taking the audience by beauty of Khakass tunes, original folk dancing and play newborn traditional instruments. In February 2000, the Symphony Orchestra of Khakass Republic Philharmonic was founded. Its repertoire is dominated by works composing golden fund of the world's musical heritage and the works of Khakass composers.

Philharmonic is located in the city center and occupies the 3 floor of the Center of culture and folk art. The building has a large hall (500 seats) and a small hall (140 seats), the operation of which is divided, according to the schedule, between the Center of culture and folk art and the Philharmonic.

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76 Lenin Avenue, Abakan



The name comes from the name Sayan, Turkic tribe, who lived in the upper reaches of the Siberian rivers – the Yenisei and the Oka, mingled with other tribes, were a part of the people of Tuva. The name Sayan first appeared in the writings of Russian travelers in Siberia, and later came into сommon use, and there was a name - Sayan.

Sayan stretch along the southern part of the territory of the Yenisey, the south-western part of the Trans-Baikal region and Irkutsk region. Sayan - a series of parallel mountain chains that are linked by high plexus of mountains. Sayan Ridge linked to the Altai mountain system of high plexus of mountains, which is known under the name Shabin-Davana, some of its hills for 10.5 months of the year are in the snow. Crossing the Yenisei, mountain range Sayan stretches several chains to the north-east, the main chain has different names - Tarhok-shan, from the right bank of the Yenisei River to the headwaters of the Uk River and a Ergik-shan, from the Yenisey River to the headwaters of the Kayarta River – inflow of the Us River. From the inflow of the Us River to the source of the river Tikhaya, from the mountain Kendzhin- Davana, to the mountain range Munch-Sardyk Sayan are called Ergik-Tarhok-tighty, which means wooded toothed ridge. The relief of the mountain range Sayan is quite complex, it has numerous mountain ranges, which are separated from the main chain of mountains in the north, north-west and north-east, gradually falling to the left bank of the Angara River, then divide by the secondary branches.

Climate of Sayan Ridge is extreme continental, with an average annual temperature of minus 22-25 degrees, and the cold and harsh winter here lasts from November to March, some days the temperature reaches 52 degrees below zero. In winter there is a lot of snow in Sayan, snow depth of more than 1.5 meters, many areas of the Sayan Mountains are very avalanche. Spring is dry, frequent weather change, average temperatures of 15-18 degrees. The summer is rainy and cool, with temperatures up to + 38 degrees. Autumn is cold and comes early. Flora and fauna of Sayan are extraordinarily rich and varied, such rare species as - the snow leopard (irbis), red wolf, argali, reindeer, and many others still exist here. It is possible that this part of Siberia is isolated and sparsely populated. Eastern Sayan in Siberia are not only interesting zoological, geological and botanical object, but the object of historical and spiritual culture of the local population. In the mythology of the peoples of the Eastern Sayan, Sayan - a habitat of the gods and heroes. Many peaks of Sayan Mountains are covered with legends, some of them have ancient names, part of which are already forgotten. Very often on the tops of these mountains, in the places specified by shamans of Siberia and the Buddhist lamas, since ancient times put "obo" - cultic and religious buildings in the form of stacked stones and poles, where they pray and leave offerings or sacrifices to the gods, the owners of the area. The custom to put obo came out of Tibet.

Sayan Tourism is well developed. Sayan Mountains are ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering, winter sports and extreme kinds of tourism.

Shira Lake

Shira Lake

Healing mineral lakes of Khakassia are the largest mineral reservoirs in Eastern Siberia and some of the most valuable in Russia. These reservoirs include in the first place - the Shira Lake.

The lake is located 160 km from the capital of Khakassia - Abakan and 340 km from the city of Krasnoyarsk. The closest to the lake locality is a settlement Zhemchuzhniy. Shira – is a salt lake located at an altitude of 353 meters above sea level, in the mountain basin. The warm dry climate, common in this part of Khakassia, lake air filled with salt water lakes, beaches, bottom mud and stunning natural beauty of these places give a miraculous healing effect, so the lake is well known as a health resort. Currently, on the shores of the Shira, there are several medical treatment facilities.

About the healing qualities of lake water people known in the XVIII century, when the healing qualities of water were described by the Tomsk merchant. He drew attention to the fact that his wounded dog, swam in the lake water, quickly healed the wounds and came home by itself. The merchant has repeatedly tested the healing qualities of water on himself, and eventually took up the construction of the first resort. But the truly massive resort became in the XIX century.

Today, mineral waters and mud of the resort treat a number of diseases: digestive system, peripheral nervous system, the genitourinary system, gynecological diseases, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, skin diseases, cardio - vascular system, gastro - intestinal tract, metabolism.

Great and Small Kyzykul Lakes

Great and Small Kyzykul Lakes

As a result of the melting of mountain glaciers, in the recesses of the Minusinsk hollow tens of thousands of years ago two beautiful Kyzykul lakes are formed. Rest is all remembered the delightful fresh air of the ancient pine-deciduous forest, comfort and tranquility surrounded by small hills, lakes, and generous gifts of nature. The lake Small Kyzykul and near lands permit hunting and fishing, and the surrounding forests are rich in berries, mushrooms and herbs.

Great and Small Kyzykul Lakes ("beautiful" - Turkic or "maiden" - Khakassian) lakes shared by 4 kilometers. Reservoirs are surrounded by thick pine forests, mountains and silence inherent only far from urban natural places. The sun, peeking into the Kyzykul lakes as often as into the Black Sea coast. It has the highest 225 days of sunshine a year!

On the shore of small Kyzykul archeological excavations take place during which artifacts dating back to 13-14 centuries BC have been found.

About Kyzykul lakes there are many legends. One of them tells the story of two orphaned girls whose wicked stepmother was always dissatisfied with them. Once the girls carried water from the river, and the foster mother forced them to do it again and again, constantly pointing to the flaws: the water is cloudy, leaves are floating in it. From exhaustion and despair, sister complained to the river to its sad fate. river regretted and took them in its arms. Straggled girlish braids turned into lakes: Big and Small. And they began to call Kyzykul, "Kiz" - "girl" and "cul" - "water".

Geographically the lakes located in Krasnoyarsk region, but to get to them, it is most convenient from Abakan. The distance from Abakan is 65 km, from Krasnoyarsk on the road almost 500.

The Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-power plant

The Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-power plant

The Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-power plant is also called "Pearl of Sayan." It is the largest hydro-power plant in Russia, and the sixth among the world's existing hydro-power plants. It is situated on the Yenisei River, near the Cheryomushki village, near Sayanogorsk. The Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-power plant - is the upper stage of the Yenisei HPP cascade. Its unique arch-gravity dam has a height about 245 meters and extends over 110 meters, the length of its crest is 1066 meters. It is the highest dam in Russia. Construction of the hydro-power plant began in 1963 and officially ended only in the end of 2000.

The dam of the hydro-power plant generates a large-scale reservoir, whose area is 621 square kilometers. The water is constantly renewed, thanks to near-station of the huge reservoir that makes it much better and clean. Even trout, know a lot about this kind of water, prefers to live near the hydro-power plant, where the trout farms are organized.

On the basis of HPP museum is organized, and next to a biosphere reserve situated. Because of the special regime you can visit the museum only previously inform the management of HPP. The museum contains more than 600 exhibits illustrating the history and phases of construction of the power plant. Among other photographs and documentation. One aspect of the exhibition is "Gagarin’s shovel " exactly with it the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin laid the first concrete in the construction of the Krasnoyarsk HPP. Considerable interest is produced by voiced card of electrification dating back to time of Soviet Union.

Excursion to the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-power plant is like an adventure in beauty and harmony of the landscape-scale engineering. Equipped with an observatory, which offers stunning views of the station. On the right bank of the Yenisei River, opposite Cheryomushky, mountain Borus is towering, crowned five peaks. Khakas people honor Borus and consider it their shrine. In the summer a lot of tourists come here, to see with their own eyes sweeping views of the Sayan Mountains, a dark veil of taiga and amazing panorama of the hydro-power plant. From the observation deck on the left bank direct eyes to a dazzling white rock, reaching 200 meters in height - is the source of marble deposit, which extends along the river banks for kilometers. Sayan marble, dowered with a palette of 20 colors - high quality, will give odds the best world standards. The site of track "Sayanogorsk - Cheryomushki" lies directly on the marble vein - one of the most expensive roads in the world, among the offshoots of "precious" rocks.

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The most beautiful tram route

The most beautiful tram route

One of the highlights of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station is the so-called cheryomushkinsky tram. The phenomenon is so unique in every way that is worthy of attention, even for those who are not interested in trams.

The tram line in the village of Cheryomushki was built to deliver the workers to HPP. It remains the main reason why it still works. It consists of the only line, which is 5 km long. The tram’s duty is not very usual, so it is really different from all other tram systems in Russia and probably in the world. There is only one carriage on the line, which makes a scheduled round trip once in an hour. The line is not operating on weekends. The travel is free of charge.

But, of course, the most outstanding thing about it is the scenery around. The picturesque mountains, rocks, Yenisey river. No other tram line has such dramatic and wild surroundings. There is a similar combination of tram and natural beauty in Germany and Switzerland, but they lack the savagery specific only to the Siberian nature.

The tram brings the tourists to the viewing point with a fabulous panorama of the gloomy wall of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. It then passes the security checkpoint and enters the secured area, where no unauthorized visitors may get into.



Abakan Airport


Local railways


City bus

Minibus (Marshrutka)




Abakan Airport

Abakan Airport

Abakan airport is the main air harbor of Khakassia. Now it is convenient for domestic traveling, but in the nearest future international flights will connect it to China, Mongolia and other countries.

In the waiting area (which, by the way, occupies almost the entire passenger terminal) there are various cafes and shops (mostly grocery), pharmacies, toilets, ATMs, luggage storage rooms, newspapers stalls. To let the tourists spend their time with comfort, the VIP lounges were arranged in the passenger terminal. This is a paid airport service. A traveler will get a relatively comfortable room with a TV set, sleeping facilities, toilet and shower. You can also order a food delivery from the cafes located in the waiting area. Among other services, provided by the VIP lounge, we can note the free daily newspapers in Russian, free Wi-Fi connection and (if necessary) free medical assistance. For passengers with children, who don't feel comfortable in the regular waiting area, there are baby care rooms, where they may get a qualified medical assistance, leave a child in the playroom for 3-4 hours and have a chance to sleep before the next flight. This is a paid service.

Buying tickets directly in the airport is not very convenient, as the airport is far from the city and the queues are not rare here. It is much easier to but the tickets in the city ticket offices, located in the waiting area of the city train station. The road leading to the airport is very often seriously jammed with cars. To avoid being late for a plane, you should call a taxi (buses and trolleybuses are moving too slowly in the traffic jam, so they are not an option) 4 or 5 hours prior the departure time.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Business lounge
  • CIP hall

From 6 am To 6 am
24/7 service


Address: 59 Druzhby Narodov street, Abakan, Khakassia
GPS: 53.751159, 91.399995
Website: abakan.aero
Phone: +7 (3902) 28–28–54
Phone: +7 (3902) 28–28–45
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Travelling by train, you can get to such cities as Krasnoyarsk, Abakan, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, Tobolsk, Tumen, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude and other. The Siberian rail system is also a part of the Transsiberian Railway. Taking the Transsib is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia and Siberia. Imagine travelling for a week, still being in the same country and seeing it all from the window of your train (still, we recommend to make some stops and spend a couple of days in some major cities along the way or see the wonderful nature of Siberia in Altai mountains or at Baikal lake).

Trains in Russia are divided into 5 categories depending on their comfort and fares: (1) the cheapest and the least comfortable are the seating carriages (they are mostly used for the interregional connections); (2) economy class (‘platskart’)is the most wide-spread category (and the cheapest among sleeping car options), although not very comfortable, as each block consists of 6 berths; (3) compartment cars are very comfortable sleeping cars with 4 berths per closed block; (4) premium is a very comfortable type of car, equipped with working areas, showers, etc.; (5) first-class sleeping cars are the most comfortable and the most expensive category with maximum of 2 berths per compartment. In every car, there is a steward, who at any time of the day is ready to offer a hot tea or coffee, snacks, newspapers, and board games. These can be included in your ticket price, or the extra payment may be required. Each train has a restaurant car that works 24 hours a day. You can also buy some food and drinks in the station shops in the large cities.

Train tickets can be bought at any railway station. Tickets for most routes can also be bought electronically on the web-site. At the boarding, you will only need to show your passport to the steward.

It is good to remember that in Russia, a train ride is a good reason for a new acquaintance and an interesting conversation; you should also be ready to be treated to a meal by your companions.


Local railways

Local railways

The Local railways can take you to any place within Novosibirsk region and also to Barnaul, Tomsk and Kemerovo. For more information please check the map above or contact us.

Tickets for the local trains can be purchased at the special counters in the train station buildings. You will need to pay extra attention to check if the train actually stops at the desired destination point.

A regular ticket entitles you to travel on any local (electric) train current direction except the high-speed (express). To ride the express train, you will need to buy a special ticket.

The ticket shall be kept until the end of the journey. It can be checked by inspectors along the way, and you will also need it to exit the station at the destination point.



Bus Terminal

Buses in Siberia are a convenient way of transportation within the region or to the adjacent regions.

Bus tickets can be purchased at the bus station or in the special booking-offices. You can also buy an e-ticket on the website. To buy an intraregional ticket, there are no special requirements. If you buy a ticket to travel outside of the region, you will need to show your passport at the bus station counter; you may also be required to show it while boarding the bus.

While traveling in the winter, you will need to remember that due to the bad weather conditions the bus can be delayed or even canceled. Also, most buses don’t have a toilet, which also should be considered before going on a long journey, if you want it to be not painful but pleasant. Remember that the distances in Siberia are quite long.

  • Easy transport access

From 5 am To 11 pm


Address: 62 Taras Shevchenko str., Abakan
GPS: 53.720287, 91.458761
Phone: +7 (3902) 22-37-08


City bus

City bus

Regular shuttle transportation.

Buses run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid directly in the bus to the conductor and only in cash.

In Russia, it is believed that if the sum of the first three digits of the ticket number is equal to the sum of the last three digits, then you need to chew and eat the ticket, which is supposed to bring luck to you. We can only recommend that before eating the lucky ticket, you make sure that your insurance covers the risks of such undertakings.:)



Minibus (marshrutka)

Regular shuttle transportation. 

Minibusses run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid when entering the minibus, directly to the driver, and only in cash. The fare depends on the length of the journey; the details are always displayed in the cabin.

It is very common that the passenger closest to the driver is asked by the others to pass the money on to the driver. So, if you sit in that place, it would really help if you’re able to count quickly (and are quite familiar with the local money to pass the change back to everyone). Minibusses stop on demand, so in order not to pass your stop, you should exactly know its name and ask the driver to stop, loudly and in advance.

On the street, you can stop the minibus by raising a hand, just like a taxi, but only at the stopping sites.




Regular shuttle transportation. 

Trolleybuses run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid directly in the trolleybus to the conductor and only in cash.

In Russia, it is believed that if the sum of the first three digits of the ticket number is equal to the sum of the last three digits, then you need to chew and eat the ticket, which is supposed to bring luck to you. We can only recommend that before eating the lucky ticket, you make sure that your insurance covers the risks of such undertakings.:)




You can use the taxi to move around the city or region. You can order a cab by calling a special service or you may just stick your hand out and stop the taxi when you see it. We don’t recommend using any kinds of an illegal taxi (a regular car with no signs of a taxi service on it).

Don’t be surprised if a car stops, that is not marked as a taxi – anyone can give you a ride. But it is important to agree on the cost of the trip before getting into the car. Sometimes you can even get it for free.

The cost of a trip from the airport to the city center or vice versa should not exceed 1000 rubles. It is paid mostly in cash (some taxi companies also accept major credit cards, but you better check it before the ride).




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Night life

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    3 July street, building 3, Kvartal 130 | +7(3952) 68-68-78

    Antiglamur Crazy Club
    Serebrennikovskaya street, 19/1 | +7 (383) 2-143-142

    Blue Hoarfrost
    Sovetskaya street, 18 | +7 (383) 287-78-42

    Guevara Club
    Serebrennikovskaya street, 29 | +7 (383) 291-96-90

    BUNKER Club
    Musa Jalil street, 11 - ground floor | +7 (383) 213-00-14

    Sleepless FRANKIE
    Yadrintsevskaya street, 14 | +7 (383) 214-65-68

    Black Milk Cocktail bar
    Yadrintsevskaya street, 21 | +7 (383) 214-65-68

    Pravda Club
    Karl Marx Avenue, 47/2 | +7 (383) 213-13-22

    Posh Restoclub
    Lenin street, 1 - ground floor | +7 (383) 377-77-70

    Maximilian`s Bavarian beer club
    Dusi Kovalchuk street, 1/1 | +7 (383) 285-88-84

    Clouds Night Club
    Galushka street, 1A | +7 (383) 292-60-62

    Tancuki Club
    Zhukovskogo street, 102 | +7 (383) 228-00-28

  • Limerick Pub
    Beer | Сocktail | Wine
    16 Druzhby Narodov Avenue | +7(3902)300-600

    Food&Bar 114
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    <http://rockcity.ru/" target="_blank">Food&Bar 114
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    LPSBR Bar
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    Ruby Wine Bar
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    ShashlikoFF Grill Bars
    Red Avenue, 17 | +7 (383) 251-01-05 | and others

    Franklin & Finch Bar
    Red Avenue, 17/1 - 6 floor | +7 (383) 310-00-68

    Clever Irish Pub
    Sovetskaya street, 5 | +7 (383) 289-28-98 | and others

    CRAFT beer & kitchen Bar
    Red Avenue, 37 - 1 floor | +7 (383) 222-62-06

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There are plenty of hobbies which train the person’s reaction, the ability to the instant decision. One of these hobbies is called rafting. Rafting is floating through the hard water areas on rafts. The raft is an inflatable boat. It can hold up to 20 people. It is made of durable material to withstand heavy loads. Its design allows the raft to hold on the water and not to roll over.

There are three types of rowing on the raft: rowing with single-bank oars, mounted on a special frame; canoe-style rowing; mixed rowing. Rafting requires wearing protective clothing. The main features of such clothing are quick drying, good heat insulation, water resistance, elasticity, light weight.

Rafting is very popular in Siberia in the warm summer weather. Moreover, a lot of tourists practice rafting in combination with traveling. This kind of extreme sports is very popular in the mountainous area, with challenging turbulent mountain rivers. Siberian mountains are a perfect fit for this.

Snowmobile tours

Snowmobile tours

A snowmobile is a driven vehicle designed to travel on snow. No matter what the Canadians say, but the first snowmobiles drove across the expanses of Russia, on the banks of the Neva River at the beginning of the last century. This fact is recorded in the documents as the tests of "Russo-Balt". Naturally, the first snowmobile developed a speed of only 40 kilometers per hour and it looked very much different as compared to the modern snowmobiles.

Snowmobiles have long been an integral part of winter recreation in Siberia, whether snow safaris, ice fishing, or just a ride between the mountain slopes. Snowmobiling gives a lot of impressions both to the seasoned drivers, and to those who is behind the wheel for the first time. Snowmobiling is a fun and a rush of adrenaline brought up by the speed, freedom of movement, the ability to see the pristine beauty of wild Siberian land, and to look into the hidden corners of the taiga.

Today, snowmobiling tours are among the most interesting components of active recreation in Siberia. Test the new machines, explore new routes, conquer new heights - savor the taste of freedom that’s brought to you by this winter miracle of technology!

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Fishing trips
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Hunting grounds
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Lighthouse Yacht Club
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Ski trips

Ski trips

Participants of the ski trips and photographers that make amazing shots of winter scenery somewhere in the mountains or wild forests are not mythical characters, who love the crazy adventures. Everyone can see the beauty of winter nature and, moreover, there are special clubs for this, organizing these unforgettable tours. Winter trips are almost always about ski tourism, and you will not have to walk waist-deep in the snow and plow the snow drifts with your body. The only difficulty in the winter trip is the ability to ski. But at the same time, it does not require a lot of time to learn how to ski, a few hours or a total of one day will be enough, not only to learn how to slide but also not to fall when descending by the slope.

The landscapes, most fantastic in their beauty, when everything sparkles and shines, and the day is sunny and clear, usually happen at a temperature of -30 to -40 Celsius. But if you are dressed properly, the cold won’t scare you. And, considering the sunny weather, you can even forget about the cold at all.

However, you need to keep in mind that ski tourism is one of the most difficult sports. Low temperatures require you to make decisions quickly and accurately and to move actively along the route. Great attention is paid to the outfit: outer clothing, and especially ski because without it you will not be able to make a single step on a snow cover. But the most important thing is that ski trip is only possible if lead by a professional athlete; no other options, like instructor-guide, will be suitable here. Each route must be coordinated with EMERCOM at its start and finish, and all participants of the trip must be insured in case of emergencies.

Ski tourism is extremely good for your health. It is a true, pure and undiluted elixir of health. Active movements in winter conditions provide an excellent tonic effect because it activates the endocrine system and improves metabolic processes. In the cold, the defense mechanisms of the body start working, which increases immunity and resistance to colds and viruses. Furthermore, the cold air, as opposed to the hot one, is several times richer in negative ions, which are more biologically active. There are less dust and gas impurities - they are successfully absorbed by the snow. Add to this the healing phytoncides of conifers – and voila, your health cocktail is ready. Skiing provides an excellent exercise, develops flexibility and coordination. In just three hours of skiing, a person makes almost three thousand repetitions of abdominal exercises! Cardio develops endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Your mind also unloads, exhausted by the everyday office life and multi-level tasks. You just go and admire the wonderful pictures of the sleeping winter nature. Eyes get free from the blur, and you start to notice the details - the traces of animals on the snow, the frost pattern on the branches. Depression, stress, melancholy, and a feeling of hopelessness all go away. You get a new taste for life!

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Bicycle tours

Bicycle tours

Biking can be divided into two categories: amateur rides and pro biking tours. While the amateur ride is simple to just arrange with your friends in search of adventure, the professional bike tour is a serious route under the guidance of experienced instructors. Biking tours are the paid trips, i.e. trips, where you can buy a ticket to join. The bike tour routes are repeatedly explored and inspected by the guides of travel agencies, hotels are booked, first aid kit contains the necessary medications, and all the necessary wrenches are in the repair kit. Often there is also a support vehicle. You will only need to spin the pedals, see the sights and socialize with new people. In a word – have fun.

The 2 or 3 days long trips often gather up to 30 people. If you join such bicycle trip, you will meet the people you will love to talk to and to plough the wild Siberian nature together.

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Equestrian tours

Horseback riding and equestrian tours

Equestrian tours will make you forget all the hassle of city life. Plunge in the days of nomadic tribes, feel at one with nature – travelers can experience it all in the equestrian tours. After all, horseback riding lets you feel like you fly above the ground without taking off from it. The Altai horses will become your faithful companions in this exciting journey. These amazing, noble animals, impressively sturdy and rugged, are the best means of transportation in the mountain-taiga paths of Altai midlands.

Escape from the color monitors into the ‘unreal world’ of nature! The equestrian tourism routes, offered by Siberian horse riding clubs, are designed for people with different backgrounds and are perfectly suited to fit both beginners and experienced horse-riders. The equestrian tour is always led by an instructor guide assisted by a groom. The tour routes run through different climatic zones: along the way you can meet the mighty cedar trees, dwarf birch, colorful flower meadows, wild forest, hills and steppes. There are routes of medium and high complexity for experienced riders. Before the trip, participants are instructed on riding a horse. During the tour, the guides will let you into the secrets of communication with the horse, as well as the stories and legends of the places which you will ride through. Equestrian tourism is a great chance to make new friends or share some interesting stories with your companions. All the way through the tour, the food is cooked at the campfire, and the accommodation is in tents.

Equestrian tourism in Siberia is waiting for you! Have a nice trip!

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Skiing & snowboarding

Skiing & snowboarding

Someone is waiting for a summer to go to the sea, someone would rather take a trip in the desert, but there are people who are looking forward to the winter, preferring to rest at ski resorts. For the true fans of this type of relax, for those who love snowboarding and skiing, Siberia is one solid skiing area where you can enjoy your ski or a snowboard almost anywhere. In Siberia, there are trails of various difficulty levels, surrounded by beautiful nature and unique landscapes. The infrastructure is presented with excellent ski bases and resorts, whose recreation conditions and level of service are not inferior to many well-known European resorts.

Beginners, professional skiers and snowboarders, heli-ski fans, freestylers, back country skiers, freeriders – everyone will find perfect facilities in Siberia. They meet the highest international standards not only for snowboard and ski, but also for half-pipe, big cross-country, cross-board, slalom, biathlon. Siberian nature is striking for its beauty, it helps forget about the stress and problems, feel a surge of strength and get loaded with life energy, which is carried in a real winter recreation.

Novososedovo Ski resort
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Siberia has always been famous for its hunting and fishing. It has everything you may need – thick taiga with bears, wild boars, deers, fur-bearing animals, and various birds; rivers full of all kinds of fish. Hunting enthusiasts can experience all the excitement and bring out the best properties of a trapper when hunting wild boar or elk, when at any moment they can get one on one with the beast. By the way elk, one of the largest animals found in the hunting grounds in Siberia, has an average of about 250 kg, although there are considerably larger specimens. Wild boar’s body may have a length of 2 meters, the height at withers of 1.5 meters, and body weight of 270 kg. One of the most popular kinds of hunting is fowling – shooting duck, woodcock, goose, partridge and other birds.

There are various ways of hunting, but of course, every hunter has his own way that brings him more luck. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot about hunting in Siberia, as well as personally plunge into the primeval impassable Siberian taiga.

Cities of Siberia host many exhibitions, forums and other sites where hunting, fishing and sports tourism professionals can meet. These are: The International Tourism Fair "Yenisei", exhibition "World of Sports. Hunting. Fishing”, All-Russian Fair "National Hunting and Fishing", "Tourism. Sport. Recreation" and "Hunting. Fishing".

Active Tourism Center
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Pine forest Recreation center
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Chernakovo, Ordynskiy district, Novosibirsk region

Winter fishing

Winter fishing

What can be peculiar about winter fishing in Siberia? You don’t have to be an expert to say – the climate, of course. Siberia is primarily associated with heavy frosts and huge snowdrifts. Depending on the region, the winter temperature in Siberia can drop below fifty degrees centigrade. But that is not a trouble for real fishermen because a huge variety of all kinds of fish are splashing in the lakes and rivers of Siberia. That is why neither frost nor serious distances nor the almost complete absence of roads in the forest are not hindrances for the avid fishing fan. Taiga hunting cabins, bass, pike, rudd, Siberian pelmeni – these are just some of the features of Siberian fishing, which attract anglers from all over the world.

The winter fishing has a lot of advantages as compared to the summer one. The first is a complete absence of mosquitoes and gnats. Because in summer it really hassles even the local fishermen, not to mention those who come from other places to go fishing in this wonderful region. The second advantage of the Siberian winter fishing is the accessibility of many spots because everything is frozen. So, the areas that in summer can only be reached by helicopter, in winter can be driven to by a snowmobile. And, which is equally important, you can drive almost straight forward. In winter, you will need much less gear (unlike the summer), which simplifies the transportation.

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