31 January 2017

Scientists have found the remnants of the Siberian donkey-zebra in Denisov Cave, Altai.

This discovery confirms that Altai in those times has witnessed a larger variety in species than now; its fauna included many exotic animals like this one. It is not unlikely that the Denisovan hominin and other inhabitants of the ancient Altai hunted these animals.

The bones of the ancient horses are being found by archaeologists and paleontologists not only in Altai, but also in Buryatiya, Mongolia, and European part of Russia.

It should be reminded that in 2013, the remnants of Denisovan hominid found in Altay, were examined by Harvard scientists; its genetic code included the DNA fragments of previously unknown hominid that supposedly lived in Asia over 35,000 years ago. This led to a conclusion that the different species of ancient hominidae have practiced interspecies sex, and the variety of ancient human species was compared by the researchers with the races in John Tolkien’s epic “Lord of the Rings”.

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